Guitar Care Pack

Guitar Care Pack

The Elite - Limited EDT Fretboard Conditioner


With the launch of our new Hype GTR Elites, we tinkered with our standard Fretboard Conditioner formula to make a new edition that is suitable for their Pale Moon Ebony boards - and any other light coloured fretboard wood for that matter! 
The Elite Fretboard Conditioner works exactly the same as our original formular, however, it doesn't contain a tint ensuring your premium fretboard will stay the colour it should over time. Plus, did we mention it's Vanilla scented?

The ultra penetrating formula soaks further into your guitar's fretboard than any other product on the market, to provide extra protection against changes in humidity levels and moisture content. Simply apply until your fretboard is not longer absorbing any more, and wipe off the excess. Includes foam applicator.

This product can be purchased separately on it's own, or bundled with our Spotless Cleaner Spray + Speed Wax in the full Carepack for $39 AUD.

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